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AMG-10 oil

AMG-10 oil
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Country of manufacture:Russia

The main function of hydraulic liquid — transfer of mechanical energy from the place of its emergence to use sites with change of size or the direction of the applied force. In Russia AMG-10 oil is made in accordance with GOST 6794-75 and belongs to low-viscous hydraulic oils of group B. In the international classification (ISO 6743-4 standard) AMG-10 oil is included into HL group.

The production technology of working AMG-10 liquid is based on processes of hydrocatalytic and extraction cleaning of oil fractions with the subsequent addition to basic oil of anti-oxidizing and zagushchayushchy additive, and also a special kind of organic dye.

The warranty period of storage of production at observance of recommendations of the producer makes ten years for a temperate climate and five years for tropical and equatorial climatic zones.

During the transporting and storage the tight container with hydraulic liquid is recommended to be installed on one side or in situation upside down. In this case the probability of penetration into oil of foreign impurity and change of operational properties of hydraulic liquid is excluded.

Name of an indicator Norm in accordance with GOST (TU)
Appearance Transparent liquid of red color
Color, TsNT unit, no more -
Kinematic viscosity, mm2 / with:

at 50 °C, not less


at -40 °C, no more


at -50 °C, no more

Acid number, mg GAME/g, no more 0,03
Temperature, °C:

flashes in an open crucible, not below


hardenings, not above

- 70
Stability against oxidation, indicators after oxidation:
Kinematic viscosity, mm2 / with:

at 50 °C, not less


at -50 °C, no more

Acid number of mg GAME/g, no more 0,08
Change of acid number, KRN/g mg, no more -
Mass fraction of a deposit, %, no more Absence
Change of mass of rubber of the UIM-1 brand after test in oil, % -
Viscosity index, not less -
Density at 20 °C, kg/m3, no more 850



mechanical impurity

Country of manufacture:Russia
Freezing point: -70 °C
Density: 850 g/m²
Packaging:15 кг
Information is up-to-date: 08.02.2018

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