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LLC PROFI-OIL the commercial organization trading in lubricants for aircraft, motor and railway transport, heavy and exact mechanical engineering, electrical equipment and other industries.
One of the major factors which defined stability and success of work of our company in the market it is combustible — lubricants during all term of its existence, there was a close and effective cooperation of LLC PROFI-OIL with the leading producers of oil products, and also with numerous consumers of this production. For this reason the problem of establishing new business connections with the Russian and foreign enterprises is for us permanently actual.
o our strategy not in that to get the maximum profits, and in building up the long-term, stable, mutually confidential relationship with the consumer.
o Despite the low prices and flexible conditions on payment, we guarantee faultless quality of the offered production.
o the Individual approach to each client, allows to consider all wishes of the consumer and to propose the most optimal solution.
o We highly realize responsibility of our activity, and we always offer the most tight deadlines of delivery of production and efficiency of decision-making.
o At emergence of disputable situations, we always try to side with the client, in independence of losses of the company.
MS-20, SM-4,5, B-3V, VO-12 Oil, VT-301 Oil, IPM-10 oil, VNIINP-50-1-4f, VNIINP-50-1-4u. Vacuum oils: VM-1s, VM-3 VM-4, VM-5s, VM-6. Oils instrument: Oil 132-07, 132-08, 132-19, 132-20, 1 32-21. Greasings: Tsiatim-201, 203, 205, 221, OKB-122-7,-122-7/5 greasing, VNIINP-207,-210,-219,-220,-225,-231 Greasing, - 232,-235,-242,-254 "Atlanta", - 260,-261 "Sapphire",-263,-273,-279,-281,-282,-283, - 286M of "AYR",-288 "SVEM",-290,-293,-298,-501,-502,-503 Saturn",-505 "START", "SEDA",-543 "Orbit", Rezol greasing, Elektra-1 greasing, NK-50 Greasing, Greasing No. 9, PVK Greasing, PFMS-4s Greasing, Greasing Vacuum, Greasing GOI-54p, MS-70 greasing, PROTON Greasing, NGZh-5u's bone, oil of brand "A", MGE-10A oil, AUP oil, liquid 7-50c-3. Conservation lubricants: Structure of PINS NG-222AF I others. Flexible system of discounts, an individual approach to each client.


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