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Electrical contact greases

VNIINP-248 greasing
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Vniinp-248 greasing (TU 38.101643-76) possesses a soft consistence, high specific resistance, good morozo-, thermo - water resistance. Main operational characteristics: A soft consistence, high specific resistance, good morozo-, thermo - and water resistance. It is efficient in the range of...
Group: Electrical contact greases
VNIINP-502 greasing
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VNIINP-502 greasing (TU 38.101771-79) has the high water resistance, adhesion, mechanical stability and conservation properties, electrosociability. It is efficient at a temperature of-40 … +100 °C. VNIINP-502 greasing scope Low-current electric contacts of modular switches....
Group: Electrical contact greases
Grease Electra-1
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     Grease Electra-1 (TU 38.1011030-85) has a high thermal stability, good anti-wear characteristics and resistance to water. It has a long service life under the transitional resistance less than 0.1 ohms. The temperature range of -40 ... + 120 ° C. Scope lubrication Electra-1...
Group: Electrical contact greases


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