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First coats

Clay AK-069
In stock | Wholesale and retail 
The primer AK-069 is used for priming parts from aluminum, magnesium, titanium alloys and stainless steel, and carbon. Drying time primer AK-069 to 3 degree temperature (20 ± 2) ° C - not more than 30 minutes. Primer AK-069 is a suspension of pigments in solutions of acrylic resins and mixtures of...
Group: First coats
Clay AK-070
In stock 
Грунтовка АК-070 служит для грунтования деталей из алюминиевых, магниевых, титановых сплавов и стали углеродистой и нержавеющей. Допускается применение грунтовки и для других целей. Грунтовка АК-070 относится к грунтовкам со спецсвойствами, а именно химически стойким и предназначается для...
Group: First coats
Primer GF-0114
In stock 
Primer GP-0114 is designed to protect the surfaces from corrosion and weld metal and places contacts. Besides nuts, bushings, washers, screws and other metal products, according to the ground cover fabric and the plastic liner. Thanks to application of the primer GF-0114 ensures a secure grip...
Group: First coats
Primer FL-086
In stock 
Primer PL-086 is a   suspension of pigments and filler in an oil varnish, a modified phenol-formaldehyde resins comes complete with a dessicant SF-1 in an amount of 3-4% by weight of the primer. PL-086 primer for priming parts of aluminum, its alloys and steel, working at temperatures up...
Group: First coats


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