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INSP-65 oil
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INSP-65 oil

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Oil industrial INSP-65 — distillate, residual and mix of distillate and residual petroleum oils from sulphurous nefty selective cleaning, the containing protivoskachkovy, anti-seize, adhesive, solyubiliziruyushchy and antifoam additives . Represents petroleum oil of selective cleaning from sulphurous nefty with antiskachkovy, anti-seize, adhesive, solyubiliziruyushchy and antifoam additive. Use to greasing of guides of sliding and swing of metal-cutting machines, transfers the running screw nut of machines of special high precision, with program control, heavy and others where uniformity of slow movements, the accuracy and sensitivity of adjusting movements of tables, supports, rams, grandmas, racks and other knots and also where it is necessary to reduce the level of coefficients of friction in static and kinetic conditions is required. INSP-65 oil serves for greasing as average and the heavy loaded horizontal guides, and also vertical guides or vertical and horizontal guides at the general system of greasing. Except a basic purpose of INSP it is possible to use for greasing of other knots of machines, such as tooth and worm gears, pintles, cams, ratchet mechanisms.

Country producer Ukraine
Country of manufacture:Ukraine
Information is up-to-date: 12.02.2020
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