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Running-in paste

VNIINP-225 paste
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VNIINP-225 greasing (State standard specification 19782-74) — kremniyorganichesky liquid, zagushchenny a fine disulfide of molybdenum - contains the stabilizing additive. Main operational characteristics: it is efficient at a temperature of-60 … +250 °C (aluminum alloys),-40 … +300 °C...
Group: Running-in paste
VNIINP-232 paste
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VNIINP-232 greasing (State standard specification 14068-79) — petroleum oil of average viscosity, zagushchenny lithium stearate. Main operational characteristics: anti-seize. It is efficient at a temperature of-50 … +300 °C. It is used for simplification of assembly, extra earnings...
Group: Running-in paste
Greasing Limol
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Greasing Limol  (TU 38 USSR 201146-80) — high-viscosity petroleum oil, zagushchenny the modified silica gel or hydroxystearate of lithium - contains molybdenum disulphite, oxide of metal and dekstramin. Main operational characteristics: exclusively high anti-seize properties. It...
Group: Running-in paste


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