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Sealants and mounting foam

Sealant VGO
In stock | Wholesale and retail 
One - component sealant VGO - 1  derived from a low molecular weight dimethylsiloxane rubber. Guaranteed shelf life of the sealant VGO - 1 in a tube - 18mesyatsev from date of manufacture. Sealant  VGO - 1 can be used to repair products, sealants sealed type Viksint Sealants used for...
Group: Pressurizes
Sealant VITEF-1NT
In stock | Wholesale and retail 
Sealant VITEF-1NT is designed for surface sealing and vnutrishovnoy bolted and riveted joints, glazing elements devices operating in the fuel TS-1 type environments at temperatures from minus 60 to plus 130 C TU - 1-595-28-708-2003, TU - 38.1051291-84 Sealant is not recommended for use in contact...
Group: Mastic glue
Герметик У-30МЭС-5НТ
In stock | Wholesale and retail 
Герметик У-30МЭС-5НТ предназначен для поверхностной и внутришовной герметизации клепанных, сварных и болтовых соединений конструкций, приборов и других изделий, работающих в интервале температур от минус 60 до плюс 130 ?С в среде воздуха и топлива. Герметик рекомендован для применения в контакте с...
Group: Pressurizes


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